Wood mechanic nc lathe programming how much do you know?

by:Gewinn     2020-04-30
Woodworking CNC lathe is popular than normal woodworking lathe, and in the woodworking industry gradually replaced the wood lathe a big reason is that it is the use of CNC parts. With the continuous forward development of science and technology, numerical control technology are adopted in many industries. Since this in our production process is more close to the automatic and intelligent. Woodworking CNC lathe is the woodworking industry, the development of continuous forward development of a performance, for the development of numerical control for is the right person is still very strange, especially in some large machinery industry can be difficult to understand, today small make up to bring everyone together to get to know what's it like in numerical control woodworking lathe programming. The principle of machining program for sectional input, section: each kind of shape from the big diameter to the path for a while; Several section of the shape of a workpiece. In an action as a ( Such as tool change) 。 Each segment consists of three Numbers: length, diameter of the end of the shape. The specific action section. System USES the shape is divided into six kinds, the general shape of the workpiece is contained in these six kinds of shapes: circular, knife in a straight line, the shape of the equal diameter before and after; Cone, knife slash, the shape of the unequal diameter before and after; The shape of the outer arc, the bulge outward; Inside the arc, of inward concave shape; Outside the arc, to summon the spherical shape; Ball inside the arc, of inward concave spherical shape; Write processing program to write processing program is actually write down the process of machining, as well as manual processing, from where, where can a bit faster, which places to slow down a little, which place from the large diameter to trail processing, etc. , but also material and cutting tool, workpiece coarse or bending started processing speed can not too high, it's best to manually rough machining the workpiece can balanced rotation at a high speed. Writing process to reflect the machining process, the methods of combining speed and return back to dao embodied the characteristics of the work piece. Write processing program, select a plan number ( Optional 108 scheme, please remember that each solution is what artifacts) , then fill in the number and the billet diameter, number of start can be a bit bigger, program, the numerical well number and then modify the section you can also use 'computer-aided design' to form a complete set of software programming. Please note that feed had better use in the manufacturing process of low speed, the blade or not used when processing feed speed move 'empty', processing section with smooth, go knife, machining large diameter change section with small feeding speed, the mutation or change the larger diameter section best from small to large diameter path speed feed processing. Automatically generate input processing time of the program, only need to input length, diameter and shape of each three numerical, shape for two digital input after two shapes will be automatically displayed. ( 0. 1 mm for one unit) Automatic processing should pay attention to matters, fastening situation inspection tools. Check all the electricity, gas, processing area, such as whether normal, whether the workpiece clamping. Processing before confirmation process input is correct, right against the knife, system parameters is reasonable. Screw the knob to the [automatic], and then the selected scheme to processing, press [circulation processing], equipment began to return to zero, preparing for the processing. Press [circulation processing], equipment running, the spindle rotation ( If the knife has begun to feed, the spindle not turned, points the 【 Start the 】 Key) Adjust speed, speed can be according to the lathe work pieces in shape and the cutting tool materials and processing, generally speaking, a rigid rotation speed is higher. Soft normal speed. Artifacts in vibration phenomena appeared in the process of machining, to adjust speed, to eliminate the tremor. Processing after the completion of the automatic homing system. Continue to process change blank, press [circulation processing] can, need to change, namely, repeat the above action. If the exit process, directly press' Exit] Key, or screw the knob to the [set], then return to the initial interface. Processing such as found in the process of error, according to [emergency stop], the program will stop all action, such as just stop check, pause, pause to continue processing. This is woodworking CNC lathe programming and matters which should be noticed when using of numerical control woodworking lathe through the above understanding after we should have a new understanding.
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