Wood of choose and buy of sanding machine skills

by:Gewinn     2020-06-20
Air feeder is electrical automatic control, procedure of machine, when the choose and buy to check carefully. Hearing this, the main method is: listen to the manufacturer's product introduction, from the machine specification, performance, use scope, operation method, price, service, etc. , and the machine has a general sense. Second, look at outside the body in good condition. Check all parts, accessories are complete, see manufacturer demonstration personnel operating woodworking sander demonstration, the adhesive effect, to grasp the essentials of operating the machine. Three test, open the machine commissioning. Check whether the power supply, air supply lines open, sensitive, whether host spindle running smoothly, no noise, etc. Based on the user decide to buy it or not. Considerations for curved line the main advantages of woodworking sander is adhesion strong, fast, light, high efficiency, to this effect, in addition to good wood sanding closed to the choose and buy, also want to pay attention to the sealing sideband, hot melt adhesive, elements such as base material, working conditions and operation method. Choose sealing sideband must pay attention to the width, thickness, material quality, toughness, degree of surface treatment, and other factors. Hot melt adhesive should pay attention to the difference between high, medium and low temperature glue, and the types of sealing sideband matching, and scientifically set heating control temperature and flow and solidification time delay of sol. The selection of base material have quality, temperature, plane parallelism and perpendicularity requirement, working environment of indoor temperature, dust concentration also should be considered, operating in the base material, sealing sideband, rubber shaft speed, pressure, balance, continuity and so on will affect the sealing side effect. Four, maintenance qu linear method of woodworking sander straight wood sanding machine also can appear some problems in use and fault, the common faults are: 1, electrical fault. Including host stalling, unhappiness, program of temperature disorder, don't rule out in time, will burn out motor and heating pipe, and even damage the whole mechanical system. Servicing mainly check the electric control box, motor, heating tube, decelerator, etc. This maintenance is professional or by the manufacturer factory repair. 2, gas path fault. Including air valve failure, leakage, low air pressure, cutter, feeding does not work, etc. , the main check all kinds of pneumatic components in good condition, replacement parts can be made in the factory under the guidance of technical staff. 3, mechanical failure. Main transmission failure, the gelatinize unevenness, the failure of feeding and cutting knife, mainly to check the mechanical parts in good condition and solid parts, transmission parts whether deviation. 4, adhesive failure. Such as not adhere to, wandering, entrainment, etc. , it is a comprehensive fault, with plastic shaft, sealing sideband, sol, base material and operation. This kind of failure may appear alternately, can also be a single, specific maintenance depends.
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