Wood plastic hand sanding machine introduction of sanding machine

by:Gewinn     2020-06-22
Manual sanding the manual sanding to sponge sanding machine, oscillation sanding machine, anise sanding machine and brush sanding machine. Manual sanding mainly aimed at complicated in shape or decoration parts of sanding. Manual sand alone will not be used for automatic sanding machine a supplement, is also an indispensable part. Brush sanding machine is composed of flexible alumina sanding cloth. Suitable for cupboard door, turning parts, carving parts contour sanding, also saw cutting sanding obtained products (including curve Figure 9) 。 3 typical of modern sanding technology sanding process due to the diversity of modern furniture material, the complexity of shape of the parts and sanding quality requirements, so the sanding process is divided into many types. 3. A typical sanding process classification (furniture parts 1) Plane general sand light technology; ( 2) Profile professional sand light technology; ( 3) Hand sanding process; ( 4) Plane general sand light + manual sanding process; ( 5) Plane thicknessing sand light technology; ( 6) Process combined sand light process. Plane general sand light craft: the main object is planar parts, such as timber surface sanding, particleboard, MDF, joinery board, integrated timber board sanding after sanding and stick a face, at this time whether parts of rectangular, or oval, or other shape parts can be flat sanding. If the workpiece surface roughness is high, the sanding equipment of high precision, can be sanding the paint film. Broadband sander is typical of the planar general sand light equipment, it can be a complete sanding tasks, the production efficiency is higher. Profile professional sand light craft: is the main object type surface type parts, such as turning parts, decorative article ( Such as by plane, all around, the shaft milling machine processing line or through line surface processing line) , the curved parts ( Wood sawing curved parts, bending parts according to the facts) , the cylindrical parts ( Such as turning or milling machining parts) And so on. Generally use professional mechanical, such as turning parts of sanding machine, cylindrical workpiece surface sanding machine, etc. Sand used for abrasive belt or grinding wheel, if using abrasive belt sanding surface most need to match for the profile. Manual sanding process: the method is suitable for any parts of the sanding, but considering the production efficiency and quality of sanding, this method is often used in complex shape, volume is larger or not suitable for mechanical feed parts sanding, such as sponge sanding machine, oscillation sanding machine, anise sanding machine and brush sanding machine, including star anise sanding machine and brush sanding machine is more suitable for decorative pattern carved parts such as sanding. For certain thickness deviation stick wood plank, often a broadband sander sanding can't fully meet the requirements of sanding, so can also be used to supplement sanding hand sanding machine. Plane thicknessing sand light craft: is suitable for solid wood parts and plate sanding, the goal is to reduce the thickness tolerance, guarantee the quality of the follow-up process, such as guarantee cover the smoothness of flatness, paint. Process joint sand light technology: most of parts for profile milling processing is more complex, generally no corresponding sanding, sanding machines of often use manual sanding, so easy to cause deformation of parts. Advanced imitation type milling cutter with abrasive belt of synchronous processing in the form of a complete parts milling and sanding, the equipment processing surface is smooth, high shape accuracy of parts.
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