Wood plastic sanding machine equipment use guidelines

by:Gewinn     2020-06-23
A, first check carefully before starting the wood-plastics sander's aspiration of mechanical equipment, electrical equipment, protective equipment is not normal, photocell and the limit switch position is accurate. Second, each employee is necessary before starting the wear labor protection articles, and check the wood-plastics sanding machine around whether can hinder the operation of sundry, avoid tripping or damaged. Three, according to the need of the shift sand plate embryo arranged sand with specifications of the rules of the device in accordance with the rules of the way to abrasive belt. ( Stop the detection power supply) Four, abrasive belt device, the empty test run first, pay attention to the abrasive belt to machine the pointed direction is common, sand with no running deviation, a cylinder in bright and light signal is normal, all wood plastic sanding machine have abnormal sound when idle running, then according to the technical request to adjust the feeding speed and amount of sand cut. Five, the first plate embryo sand, it is necessary to immediately check the sand the thickness of the plate embryo can achieve technical request, sanding often measure thickness, found that the error, promptly adjust. Six, operating thinking, have gathered the personnel should cooperate closely, the class into artifacts, hand shall not be placed in operation stage, not allowed to enter inside the shield. Seven, wood and plastic sander personnel scooter prohibited in the process of turning plate embryo ultra-high, pay attention to the balance, before and after the scooter to prevent collapse destroyed after crushing. Eight, wood and plastic sanding machine operations such as find aliens, different sound, smell, and goods should stop check, and report on duty shift comrade, arrange inspection, maintenance for trouble out when to resume production. Nine, while going off work, want to relax abrasive belt, block all the power and sanitary wood-plastics sanding machine surroundings. Ten, after work, sanding monitor necessary to sawdust room inspection. Check the shift sawdust have Mars attacks under the sand, to check the status and report to shift comrade.
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