Wood processing requirement for numerical control woodworking machinery

by:Gewinn     2020-04-24
Although now wood also can be processed by mechanical equipment, but it is different from the metal materials, processing when the intensity is not high, not high temperature resistant, and physical and mechanical properties are different. So the wood of these characteristics determine the demand of numerical control woodworking machinery for wood processing. Let's take a look at. First, high cutting speed. Due to the strength of the wood is not high, not high temperature resistant, this determines the woodworking machinery can only be processed with high speed cutting methods. Wood fiber too late in the process of cutting deformation and tear it is cut off, and the processing surface coking due to temperature rise. Owing to the high cutting speed, the stiffness and strength of the woodworking machinery and the stability of the machine at work is becoming more and more demanding. Therefore, materials for manufacturing machinery, high-speed moving parts ( Cutting mechanism) Manufacturing accuracy, static and dynamic balance, vibration resistance have high demands, structure of cutting tool materials and also have very high requirements. Second, the rest of the woodworking machinery in addition to the cutting mechanism of manufacturing precision is generally low. Due to the precision of wood and its products are generally mm, so the working platform, guides and other woodworking machinery parts manufacturing accuracy is lower. Third, the structure of woodworking machinery is compared commonly simple. Woodworking machinery on the main drive system generally adopts a belt driving, only a handful of machinery with multi-speed gear transmission system. Fourth, woodworking machinery generally don't need a cooling device, but need to chip removal dust removal device, and structure are generally more vast. Fifth, the noise of the woodworking machinery. Stir when high speed cutting wood, cutting tool will produce air dynamic noise, air knife cutting workpiece friction and vibration and noise produced by the mechanical rotating mechanical noise and so on, the provisions of the state on the woodworking machinery factory, such as saws, planing machine idle running should be lower than 90 db noise ( A) And other types of machine idle running should be lower than 85 db noise ( 一) Otherwise for the unqualified products. Above is the wood processing requirement for numerical control woodworking machinery, hope to be of service.
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