Wood sanding machine debugging tips

by:Gewinn     2020-06-22
Use of sanding machine, there are a lot of different situation, so how to targeted to sanding machine debugging to suit the current environment the best working condition? Below small make up to introduce you to: a new abrasive belt, sanding machine, a new commissioning standard is: before the sand is lower than the sand after 2 degrees. Note that the abrasive belt of different mesh debugging have different standards. Second, according to the different technological requirements of different plate adjustment of the sanding machine. 1, the door plank of the lacquer that bake for sanding texture shall conform to the requirements of the paint flow ping xu, that is to say, grinding accuracy is higher, the available double sand < sand used before 600, after the sand with 800> sanding, sand before and after the need to pay attention to adjust the height, use visual method to observe the sanding texture, the adjusted after sand. With sand after don't leak four edges, and there is no obvious trace sand as the standard. 2, such as oak door plank of substrate available 240 abrasive belt grinding requirements consequent texture, abrasive belt sanding machine to choose a can. Primer grinding with abrasive belt downstream 400. 1, sanding machine in running sand disc, grinding wheel, abrasive belt, grinding wheel, the rupture and crack may at any time, sanding machine brush ( 20) Operation must wear glasses, helmet, mask and so on the corresponding protective gear 2, the machine is running, hands and feet do not touch abrasive belt, grinding wheel, grinding head, polishing wheel, etc. 3, no effective measures of protection machine without using 4, sanding will produce large amounts of dust, to wear masks to use 5, sanding equipment to be installed in a dry, ventilated, without direct eye place 6, belt sanding have found belt running deviation, should be timely adjust. 7, wheeled sanding must confirm the accurate operation direction of grinding wheel, lock to prevent the grinding wheel. 8, when using automatic sanding machine, should have the dust removal equipment of form a complete set, otherwise easy to malfunction and damage equipment and affect production.
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