Wood sanding machine design characteristics and development direction

by:Gewinn     2020-06-23
A, woodworking sander's main features are: 1, processing speed 2, can be very good control plate production process the problem of easy deformation. 3, the carpentry of sanding machine processing board has good surface roughness. 4, improve the production efficiency. Second, woodworking sander design concepts and principles of 1, on the basis of wood processing technology, guarantee the equipment operation simplicity, convenience, in the late processing precision and the efficiency and quality. 2, use, convenient operation, simple maintenance, maintenance and convenient adjustment. 3, the greatest degree of reduce wood sanding machine in the production process of dust and noise, by equipment as a whole has strong rigidity, do the highest ensure stability and security. 4, environmental protection, energy conservation, reduce material. Reduce the production cost. 5, equipment performance is good, long service life. Three, woodworking sander cleaning systems function value in the process of woodworking sander work will produce a lot of dust, the dust if you stick to the surface of the abrasive belt will cause the phenomenon of sand stuck, this kind of problem will destroy the abrasive belt grinding effect. At the same time in the process of grinding can produce a lot of heat, scrubbing system can well solve the two problems. Four, wood sanding machine equipment in the future the development direction of 1, to further improve the machining accuracy, operation more easy and intelligent 2, further improve the production capacity, design using a higher power of driving motor, the performance better sand band. 3, towards safety and dust-free promotion, improve the working environment to improve security environment. 4, improve the energy conservation and environmental protection, reduce equipment consumables, green environmental protection, cost savings.
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