Wood sanding machine instructions of choose and buy

by:Gewinn     2020-06-23
Foreword: wood sanding machine equipment for wood sanding the customized equipment, because it is completely in accordance with the wood sanding process customization so has the operation more convenient, more efficient, the characteristics of the sanding effect is better. As a wood door manufacturer should be how to matching wood sanding machine, this is to make a lot of users are headaches, it doesn't matter, this article will summarize to teach you how to matching every important parts. First of all, let's look at the core component of wood sanding machine, mainly include: frame, control system, transmission system, power system and dust collection system, lubrication system and composition. Part one: the choice of frame frame is the bones as a whole support equipment, high quality standards should be energetic, calm and steady. Frame is composed of fang welding, after go to stress treatment after use. So if you want to guarantee the machine equipment performance, then select frame should choose high quality steel and thickness is thicker, for some high-end equipment racks are cast. So many expert users to purchase wood sanding machine equipment is very concerned about the total weight of the device when it is for this reason. The second part: the choice of motor. Our equipment is move is because the motor drive. We usually put the motor is divided into two categories: step by step, The figure below right) And ( Servo class below left) This needless to say, of course, have some mechanical try knows a little, servo class motor on both accuracy and efficiency are far more than stepping type point machine. Option machine time and attention to the problem of power, enough, is to choose the problem of air cooling or water cooling of the cooling system, there are also a very important problem is the point machine brand choice, there are currently about motor production domestic technology level is relatively backward, and in the world more famous brands are: Japan yaskawa, mitsubishi, etc. The third part: the choice of the transmission system. Drive system is like our human arm and leg, its performance is good or bad directly affects the eyes wood sanding machine precision. Transmission system mainly includes: bearings, screw, slider, and so on. For the choice of driving part mainly is a brand. Now Taiwan production of silver and Yintai gm brands, such as international brands such as Atlanta. The fourth part of the control system of choice. Control system is used to control the whole equipment of the brain, to equipment can have good precision and his role is very big, need to pay attention when selecting a control system of the two points, 1, the function can meet our needs. 2, the brand. The control system of different brand cost difference. About dust collection system, lubrication system, safety devices, such as information, don't make much is introduced, in this paper, the master to these information to believe that you already know how to selecting wood sanding machine equipment, also need to know what information you can leave a message to tell us, more information about wood sanding machine welcome to stay focused on our official website, or the official WeChat!
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