Wood sanding machine is mainly used for what?

by:Gewinn     2020-06-18
Automatic wood sanding machine is mainly used for antique embossed floor, drawing the floor, furniture board, decorating plate surface texture processing; Wood veneer or thin wood surface texture processing; On the surface of man-made board ( Straight wire) Processing, such as wood plastic plate, make real wood handle delicate after SM groove part drawing, rohs nylon roller. After drawing, grooves on the surface of the plate was fine grinding, the lining of the rough part is fast mill, so layered feels more natural. Full automatic door with sanding machine is mainly used for solid wood, real wood floor, solid wood veneer, bamboo veneer, veneer, veneer, etc on the surface of the surface cutting, wire drawing, natural wood texture brush, unhairing, and synthetic materials such as wood plastic plate drawing, hair, etc. A natural wood grain processed wood surface concave and convex, wood meridian, subsequent processing effect is more outstanding. High efficiency, mill once per minute, greatly save the Labour cost, simple operation, and is equipped with frequency converter device, are free to adjust speed, select the appropriate speed, guarantee the quality of sanding work. High power transmission speed, transmission capacity is strong, high production efficiency. When air pressure is insufficient or abrasive belt rupture, automatic stop to ensure safety.
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