Wood saw function precision profile

by:Gewinn     2020-06-20
Saw function introduction the multifunctional precision cutting precision panel saw is my company perennial production and mature products, adopt the crawler drive feed, stable performance, high precision, aggrandizement is compound floor, solid mu fu joins a floor board, board type furniture, wooden boxes, integrated timber, photo frame, bed frame sheet / 4 * 8 once saw cut into more equal or different specifications material processing; Precision of shaft to ensure that the cutting board finish and straightness more accurate, can also according to the requirements of the customers personalized processing customization. Technical parameters of 1. Spindle speed: 3800 r/min. 2. Processing feed width: 20 - 130cm   3. Processing incoming thickness: 0. 8 - 3. 5cm   4. Discharging finished width: 2 - 12cm   5. The spindle motor power: 7. 5 - 37 kw - 4 p 6。 The feed motor power: 0. 75 - 1. 1千瓦7。 Feed speed: 8 - 15m/min( Stepless speed regulation) 8. Efficiency: 2. 5 - 4 m3 / h innovation and advantages: 1. Caterpillar transmission feed, stable performance, accuracy, product surface is smooth, without indentation, it does not hurt. 2. Dust environmental protection equipment 3. Adopt high quality alloy wear saw blade 4. Spindle quenched and tempered 45 steel, bearing NSK high-speed wear-resisting bearings, USES the international pure copper motor 5. Intelligent integration of power distribution system, convenient operation, security and stability.
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