Wood saw manufacturers precision requirements

by:Gewinn     2020-06-20
Saw by host saw machine, precision aluminum molding table guide ontology, mobile arm, activity is determined by feet, auxiliary table and electrical control box and so on, some even with the installation of vertical milling pressure device. Saw there are horizontal and vertical two types of precision, saw is divided into horizontal push hand saw and precision reciprocating saw two precision, hand push type precision cutting saw generally do not adjust the cutting Angle, from the tail end of the machine by hand push bench driven plate moving forward cutting. Adjustable Angle of wood saw 90 precision & deg; ,45度; Two, by host saw mobile Angle cutting Angle. Reciprocating saw with automatic precision pressure device and auxiliary feed bracket, controlled by the electric host saw reciprocating movement to complete the cutting machine. Saw its mechanical vertical vertical erect, host saw bench by horizontal move around or before and after the change to move up and down, can reduce the machine takes up the area of the workplace, but has certain requirements for plant height.
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