Wood saw which precision is good?

by:Gewinn     2020-06-20
Saw at first precision linear circular guide and ball bearing structure can guarantee the use of processing products to achieve high quality, high standard, its unique design, solve the problem of the guide rail degumming, long-term use can always maintain good accuracy. Mobile push bench with novel streamline the overall design and the surface treatment, modelling beautiful, durable. Reasonable and delicate internal transmission mechanism design, the user operation simpler and more efficient. Turn the main parts, low temperature rise, low noise, low vibration. The fuselage, the stage of fixed worktable, mobile push after aging treatment, ensure the long-term stable and high precision. Can match the dust collection device, unique and novel can vary with different thickness plate drive automatically, achieve good aspiration and better protective effect, maintain a good working environment and improve operation safety. With the progress of mechanical processing and electrical engineering, the cutting board, according to gradually to the development of fully automatic CNC, make the traditional cutting board according to greatly improve the efficiency of processing products. Such as the rise and fall of saw blade and tilt can fully with computer control, and even the whole cutting process is fully automated. Due to the current domestic market of the actual need, of course, the main focus on wood saw, semi-automatic and manual saw promotion need a fully automatic process. 1. According to the workload, internal dust removal operations should be conducted on a regular basis machine, guaranteeing the normal heat dissipation of the motor 2. On a regular basis to push a dust orbit, push to ensure the smooth running of 3. Regularly check the belt, timely wear change of 4. Filling the body need lubrication parts regularly to ensure the stability of equipment operation and quiet
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