Wood sawing equipment manufacturers

by:Gewinn     2020-06-19
There are many kinds of, saw the saw blade precision about we mainly talking about tooth today. Saw about dense tooth is the most widely use, cutting speed, grinding is relatively simple. Suitable for cutting and cross cut saw all kinds of soft and hard wood material and density board, composite board, particle board, etc. A defence of the elastic protection about tooth to dovetail tooth tooth, applicable to all have a burl longitudinal cutting plate; With negative rake Angle of the left and right tooth saw blade with sharp saw, cutting quality is good, usually used for cutting veneers. Saw is suitable for processing various precision density board, the board, health board, PVC board, solid wood conducting bar. All kinds of furniture series of factories are used computer cutting saw, simple operation, high work efficiency of people, regular maintenance, saw can use more precise value. Electric control system of box adopts PLC and inverter control, safe and reliable; Deputy saw blade can be adjusted up and down or so electric, used for compensating the wear and tear, deputy saw blade with the main saw blade alignment, slip in addition to the end of the sheet metal tear phenomenon; Pneumatic locking saw blades, saw replacement blade precision fast and reliable; High-performance pneumatic feeding manipulator, servo motor, assure the precise positioning of plate; Double side clamp in wood, dual pressure beam compression wood, effectively ensure the cutting effect; Steel ball type gas floating countertops, convenient for the operator easy to plate moving plate and save the human; For different parts, different quality of materials, processing technology and parameter is different, have differences, when processing the other as a result of the plate shape, weight, handling, steering, feed, cutting time consumption is different also. Therefore, to establishing reasonable blanking process norm, shall be classified determination, such as mass, material, purpose, etc. The cutting process of technical requirements for processing a variety of man-made board base material, board type furniture must first meet quality standards. Quality standards can be reference to the national standards or other criteria of the material. Modern panel furniture production and processing of man-made board base material specifications, surface smooth degree and the thickness of the inner quality all have strict requirements.
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