Woodworking band saw - Everyday problems and solutions

by:Gewinn     2020-04-27
On HaiRong woodworking band saw - Ann Everyday problems and the solution: ( A) , machine tool operation, the saw blade before and after the move, and have not normal phenomenon, such as crushing sound could have saw blade and larger crack, should immediately stop check. Saw blade fracture generally has the following several reasons: 1. Sawing machine reasons: (1) sawing machine vibration, bearing wear. Should be replaced reinforcement machine, bearing, make its stability. (2) the tensioning device failure, the heavy weight. Check the tensioning device, heavy hammer appropriate adjustment. (3) saw wheel wheel surface is uneven. Should level off flange surface. (4), saw wheel under partial twist, not in the same & other Vertical plane & throughout; 。 Adjust the correction of upper and lower saw wheel. 2. Gantry saw, saw blade reasons: (1) log horizontal band saw blade steel brittleness, small toughness. Choose toughness good blade. (2) small saw wheel, saw blade thickness. Choose saw round saw blade. The thickness of the saw blade = ( 0. 0007 - 0. 001). × Saw wheel diameter. (3) strength is too big or too small. Optimum strength dressing is moderate. (4) joint rickety finishing is poor. Joint welding, finishing well. (5) the sawtooth not sharp, the use of time is too long. Zigzag sharp sharp, use time limit within two hours. 6 blade have crack, barely used. Drill a hole cracks in the roots, avoid to expand; If too big, should be cut again. 3. Operational reasons: (1) high feed rate, feed rate should be according to the specific circumstances, flexible control (2) feeding too hard, don't slow down or meet section. Smooth feeding, section to slow down. (3) resin saw wheel, sawdust on too thick. Scrape the resin sawdust in a timely manner. ( 2) Saw blade saw wheel to turn, move, or all of a sudden, this kind of situation is called off. There are several reasons: (1) on the wheel tilt, adjust the last round. (2) saw wheel diameter taper is too big, and saw wheel. Fine fine grinding, flat rim. (3) appear splitting wood, back to the way gets stuck, pull it out. Pay attention to the wood defect in operation. (4) binging fever, optimum strength reduced or even disappear. Clear the resin on the saw wheel and saw blade sawdust and saw card stuff, and often brush oil. ( 3) Sawing wood bending, generally speaking, there are several reasons: 1. Sawing machine reasons: (1) tensioner is ineffective, low birth weight. General repair tensioner, heavier weight. Before and after (2) saw wheel flange surface wear, different diameter, surface of grinding wheel rim. 2. Saw blade reasons: (1) tooth, tooth room is too small, narrow blade and bias. Correction of tooth shape, increase tooth chamber, adjusting saw road. (2) the optimum strength, loose mouth, adjust the lengths. (3) joint is overmuch, dressing inappropriately. Less as far as possible make the saw blade joint, or to give special repair to the joint number of saw blade. 3. Operational reasons: (1), and laid hands on him SongJie inconsistencies. , hands on concentration, in step (2) saw card too loose or too wide, adjust good saw card. (3) feed speed too fast, uneven. Feed stable, encounter section to slow down. (4) saw wheel and saw blade with resin sawdust, keep clear of in time. (5) the sawtooth is blunt, cannot continue to use, saw blade, don't just use the woodworking band saw machine tool maintenance and maintenance of the machine is a kind of high-speed machines, all the parts can't fails, even a little trouble, will directly affect the service life of machine tools, production efficiency and the proper and reliable work. In order to ensure the safety of the operation and machine normal operation for a long time, must strengthen the maintenance and management of nc machine tools. 1. Workplace and machine regularly sweep, clean, especially the saw blade and round saw the above resin sawdust clean. 2. Machine tool on the bearing, gear, screw, slide friction parts, such as to add lubricating oil regularly. 3. Work, pay attention to upper and lower saw wheel rolling bearings with and without exception, the temperature shall not exceed 60 ℃. 4. Always check each part of the correction. With the method of the messenger wire saw wheel under the check in, whether in a vertical plane, if there is distortion phenomenon, to adjust the wheel advisable, the gap is too large, also can adjust the next round. On, the next job after a period of time, there is always some wear and tear, if often check on wheel lifting system is flexible and reliable; Saw card freely slide up and down lifting gear; Automatic tensioning device is flexible work. Each component is damaged; Any loose connection parts, etc. If discover the abnormal phenomenon, should be resolved in a timely manner. Swab or calibration gas or repair, or even replaced, in order to ensure the normal operation of the safety of the machine tool.
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