Woodworking CNC lathe how different parts of the lubrication requirements

by:Gewinn     2020-04-30
The use of locomotive running all need the bearings, wheel and lubrication, in areas such as the top in order to keep the flexible operation of the machine. Same woodworking CNC lathe is no exception, it is also in the process of using need to use the lubricating oil for lubrication, so as to guarantee the normal work of it. For lathe of lubricating grease, there are many different kinds of machines need different lubricant also need different effect of lubrication effect, is often used and do not often use will have different lubricating oil. Main parts and the secondary parts will have different lubrication protection, today we have for lubrication of woodworking CNC lathe to do a detailed instructions. Woodworking CNC lathes have what request for bearing lubrication of the sliding bearing lubrication: sliding bearing is a common mode of transmission, lubricating oil is not only to play the role of lubrication and cooling effect, so you need to use of low viscosity lubricating oil lubrication performance is good, at the same time needs to have good oxidation resistance, abrasion resistance, rust resistance and resistance to bubble. Used for precision grinding machine spindle precision sliding bearing, bearing clearance by small ( 1 micron) , particularly high speed ( More than 30000 r/min) Viscosity should be used is very small, anti-wear oily excellent viscosity of 2. 0mm2( 40℃) The lubricating oil. Rolling bearing lubrication: rolling bearing on the machine, due to the advantages of small friction coefficient, and the advantages of quiet operation, and so on the lathe has a large number of the rolling bearing, 25 mm diameter, rotating speed of 30000 r/min, available grease seal in high speed. More than 30000 r/min, the application of forced lubrication or spray lubrication. Need to be aware of is the special case of rolling bearing in addition to the large, rough, generally cannot be used with solid lubricant grease. Woodworking CNC lathe for gear lubrication to which requires the use of a machine tool gear shock and vibration is not big, small load, and generally do not need to use an extreme pressure additives of lubricating oil. Need to be aware of how to prevent the spindle box of thermal deformation and impact load large stamping or shearing machine gear, gear oil containing anti-wear agent, should be used for circulation lubrication or oil bath lubrication of gear oil, in addition to consider the oxidation resistance, but also for corrosion resistance, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant and anti-foam properties. Choosing the right gear oil according to the types of gear and suitable viscosity. Above mainly introduced woodworking lubrication requirements of the main parts of CNC lathes and the usage of lubricating oil, only can often keep the maintenance of lathe is the use of it for a long time, today small make up to you to improve the knowledge is only so much hope in the process of later use attaches great importance to the maintenance of woodworking CNC lathe.
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