Woodworking CNC lathe is a new type of lathe machining method

by:Gewinn     2020-04-13
Woodworking CNC lathe is a new type of lathe, numerical control technology application in lathe, it can carry out automatic operation, can be set by computer program, complete the automation processing. The processed products of good quality, high precision, high efficiency, is the first choice of wood processing enterprises. Woodworking CNC window time manual and automatic operation, the following article will introduce you to the woodworking nc lathe machining method. 1, check the cutting tool and the tailstock is tighten. Air pressure is appropriate ( Ordinary workpiece zero. 4 - 0. 6Mpa) No obstacle, processing area, whether the workpiece clamping. Work pressure is too small ( Can not clip artifacts) , also cannot too big, Heavy load, bearing and thimble fever, workpiece deformation, general small workpiece with 0. 4 mpa, a great work with 0. 6 mpa 2, processing before confirmation process input is correct, right against the knife. System parameters is reasonable. 3, the knob to & other; Automatic & throughout; Solution, and then selected to processing, press & other Run & throughout; Key 4, equipment began to return to the mechanical zero point, preparing for the processing. 5, press & other; Run button & throughout; , the equipment is running, the spindle rotation ( If the knife has begun to feed, the spindle not turned, points a & other; Start & throughout; Key) Adjust the speed. Speed is based on the lathe work pieces of wood and processing on the shape and the cutting tool, in general, hard wood speed to high soft wood normal speed. Artifacts in vibration phenomena appeared in the process of machining, to adjust speed, to eliminate the tremor. 6, processing after the completion of the automatic homing system. Seven, continue processing in good timber, press run, need to change, namely, repeat the above action. 8, if out of processing procedures, directly click & other; Exit & throughout; Key, or put the knob to & other; Reset & throughout; Key, you will get back to the initial interface. 9, processing such as found in the process of error, can according to the urgent stop switch, the program will stop all action, such as just stop check, pause, pause to continue processing.
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