Woodworking CNC lathe operating standards and matters needing attention of simple summary

by:Gewinn     2020-04-30
Lathe used in woodworking industry plays an important role, since the origin of woodworking industry, woodworking lathe had the embryonic form of development, to the use of our woodworking CNC lathe. We also developed a normative operation, we take a look at the following. We should conscientiously implement the following woodworking machine general provisions: ( A) Pport before work conscientiously do: 1, the fixed operating machine tools, the operator should carefully read hand-over records, understand the class machine tool operation situation and existing problems. Pport fixed operation of machine tools, the operator should stick to jobs, serious operation, do not do things has nothing to do with the job. Stop when you leave the machine tool, cut off power supply. Did not return in the machine tool operation, after using personnel have the machine tool, should stop, cut off power supply. 2, check the machine and work on the scene, like has the stuff that has nothing to do with your work should be clear. Check electrical distribution box should be shut down, good electrical grounding. Check the complete safety protection device should be in good condition. No action without protection device of machine tools. Check the operation should be in the position of the non-working. 3, check the amount of oil lubrication oil storage areas should be adequate, good seal. Such as oil, oil cup, nozzle should be complete, correct installation, oil eye without clogging. According to the lubrication chart rules for refueling. More than 4, parking a class of machine idle running test should be done, confirm the operation rear can normal work. Mechanical variable speed drive and feed, must leave workpiece after parking in the cutting tool. Knives, wood should be clamped correctly, tighten solid. Pay attention to wood must not have nails, protected from damage to the cutter. ( 2) Work conscientiously do: 1, will handle on non-work position operation, cut off power supply. 2, wipe machine, cleaning work area. There 3, fixed operating machine tools, machine problems found in operation class should be filled to the hand-over sheet, to do a good job of succession. 4, wood lathe, cutting tool should be installed on the adjustable head or hand close to turning on the head, are not allowed to be hung up in some holding a turning. These rules are not standard, and the application principle of must not change as well as the operation, dangerous side.
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