Woodworking CNC lathe to the specific requirements of the processing equipment

by:Gewinn     2020-04-29
Woodworking CNC lathe believe that everyone has to understand, because now the woodworking CNC lathe is quite convenient for you to use. And its processing efficiency is high, the cost is very low and was deeply loved by the masses of users, the work efficiency of woodworking CNC lathe are tall, but also need us to go to care, when using only in this way can ensure that in use process can achieve maximum effect. Before also said a lot about maintenance on the knowledge of woodworking CNC lathe, small make up to introduce today is about woodworking CNC lathes are used in the heavy use of processing equipment, we have some requirements to its, below we specific to introduce for everybody. More than 1, due to the nc machining of parts for multiple varieties and small batch production, unfavorable use special fixture, therefore should use standardized general or modular fixture, as far as possible to reduce the production preparation time, reduce the production cost of wood lathe. 2, woodworking lathe fixture locating and clamping must be reliable, to satisfy the requirement of the nc machining precision and production safety. 3, as far as possible in a multistep process on the surface of the clamping of multiple, reduce reinstall the number of spare parts. 4, the position of the clamping piece must be considered to avoid collisions with knives. In the wood lathe production technology, modular fixture is the main equipment is commonly used in nc machining, it is with standardization, seriation of components assembled together. In addition, also can use a standard module to assembly fixture. That is about woodworking CNC lathe all knowledge of the specific requirements of the processing equipment, hope to help everyone.
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