Woodworking CNC lathes at the time of turning round shaft need to do what?

by:Gewinn     2020-04-13
Woodworking CNC lathes at the time of turning round shaft need to do what, and specific steps, a lot of friends are not clear, specific how should do? The following is introduced detailed. Woodworking CNC lathe is a machine manufacturing circular working material. There are two kinds of lathe execution of work, a circular shaft turning method, need to apply two centers and fixed wood turning, suitable for long light car system, the bat, etc; A separate disk turning method, need apply iron surface plate fixed wood, suitable for car wood, wood plate, etc. Commonly used tool is the cutting tool of lathe, school have the flat tool, oblique mouth turning tool, diamond tool, semicircle tool, separate the lathe tool, etc. 1. Selection of wood: ( 1) Remove the wood on the adhesion of metal and sandy soil. ( 2) The wood with square Angle advisable. ( 3) Wood has cracks and loose knot, should be used for cutting. 2. Centering on the wood, saw the cross slot, and the activity centers front end into the slot. 3. Inserted the activity centers before lathe main shaft hole, and move the tailstock to proper position, fixed in the bed on the stage. Then turn the tailstock handwheel, make the tail seat tightly fixed centers in timber center hole. 4. Turn the timber counted by hand, then reverse the tailstock handwheel, slightly out of fixed centers, add lubricating oil injection into the center hole figure of timber. By rotating the handwheel clockwise direction, make the centers to re-enter the center hole. The wood not only firmly resist being centers, rotation is also very well. 5. Moving tool to the appropriate location, and fixed in the bed on the stage. And then adjust the car head height. The tool post surface should be with the most outer wood about 3 mm distance. 6. Try to turn wood with the hand, observe whether head position is appropriate, wood whether can rotate smoothly, if discovery is unusual, readjust immediately. 7. To start the machine with the most low speed running, watch have indeed a safe operation to feed. 8. Application of semicircle tool for rough turning: ( 1) Before one hand tool, stable cutting tool position and direction, and the other one hand car handle, control the amount of feed. ( 2) From central to the ends of turning, wood to wood perfect circle. ( 3) Wood as a circular shaft, must use the low speed turning; After the wood into a circular shaft, to switch to a high-speed cutting. Stop the machine, adjust the tool position again, and then in accordance with the working drawing instructions, pen to draw on the wood will be further cutting position. According to the actual need of work, applying the appropriate form turning tool, do form turning. Normally, turning inside concave arc, appropriate USES flaring tool or semicircle tool, cutting square groove or the flat tool, appropriate is used to separate tool cutting V groove and a convex arc, appropriate USES diamond turning or oblique mouth, car made a straight line with the flat tool and the bevel tool, see figure 1 65. Turning forming is completed, remove the rest, and then use sand paper sanding.
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