Woodworking cold press machine woodworking machinery equipment operation procedures

by:Gewinn     2020-04-25
Objective through standard operating procedures, to conform to the requirements of the quality of cold press machine work, avoid the loss caused by non-standard operation and the happening of the accident. Job requirements: 1, will the machine and clean up the work sites. 2, the machine is operated by personnel, it is strictly prohibited to not familiar with the native workers operating without authorization. 3, before the operation, should the machine circuit, circuit, linking piece in the presence of foreign bodies such as to conduct a comprehensive inspection, and shall empty, check the switch, button, valves, limit switch and pressure system, confirm good, before operation. 4, according to the skeleton linking piece by piece and surface plate thickness, adjust the pressure gauge, pressure is smaller, the thinner panel is maximum pressure must not exceed 8 mpa. 5, cloth and rubber components must be uniform and both sides reach the designated position, amount of glue a plastic covering all in place for the machines, such as roller compaction is full so far. 6, loading, press processing objects placed should level off, keep it clean. Processing objects between pile should be neat, in combination with clearance is less than 2 mm. Within the clamp when the phone is switched on and mechanical transmission parts are strictly prohibited to use hand, or junk, case against accidents. 7, parts should be placed in the center of the platens position, ensure that under the two screw height, must not both sides highly inconsistent or partial one, cause otherwise flat fracture. August or press down to set pressure gauge calibration for preparation, such as no pressure gauge, on the basis of the glue overflow panel. 9, operation is prohibited under the cold press station. Operation should be paid attention to in the oil tank, oil level, and plunger seal, if discover dripping phenomenon should stop processing in a timely manner. 10 and press in operation, it is forbidden to repair. Such as failure to rear can repair downtime. 11, it is forbidden to use of open flames and smoking around the tank, it is strictly prohibited to leave when the phone is switched on and playfulness. 12, operators shall, from time to time, pay attention to the voice of the motor and pump group is normal. 13, all down or up the operation, must stay behind the compressor stopped what to leave. Such as evacuation after machining parts, empty press must be placed on devolved to plate was made. 14, after work, should stop switch, cleaning the scene, succession job four, maintenance: 1, each class must clean up the press after work, and make sure the screw clean. 2, a week of turbine, vortex rod, lifting wire rod for lubrication, lifting lead screw and nut oil filling. 3, oil cylinder oil level should be kept at 25 Between 45 mm, such as the oil level is lower than 25 mm should refill the hydraulic oil, oil cylinder oil, must first pad between fluctuation mesa is greater than 100 mm in height block for oil filling operation again. 4, oil cylinder piston shake or metallic sound occurs, shall discharge gas. 5, it is strictly prohibited to cylinder over travel use, banned in pressure or pressure relief shaking when processing.
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