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by:Gewinn     2020-04-17
Making the Windsor chair is my dreams into it soon. Earlier see Taiwan ninja, son of the family man, reverie, our dreams, so awake at night. Two or three years, I have prepared a lot of class, also know some authentic roughly Windsor chair production way. Due to their own level, always dare not to do, dare not to do the traditional style of Windsor chair. Until 2014, May Day, I made for your home elm table, six stools production has become an issue on the agenda. Do the common style of the quadrature in the compasses in the heart has unwilling, anyway is eyes, always looking for some has the certain difficulty, such ability in dealing with the challenges of increased. So repeatedly consideration, decided to imitate the style of the taobao do six the Windsor chair of modern style. Have to thank the great taobao, through which can not only buy CNC woodworking lathe, timber, can through its study furniture design. Previous work, taking the advantage of DIY competition entries for love - - - - - - - Doodle Mickey Mouse small bed has lost none of his enthusiasm, to give her daughter's balance on car production process of sorting out, time is long, the main work is a man, few pictures in front of the process, some production details are blurred: because there is no wide wall, and 98 - inch clamps is too high, can't a spread eagle, so can only overlap. Clip list: 12 inches four effective clamping 304. 8 mm, 24 '609 four effective clamping. 6 mm, 31 inch four effective clamping, 707. 4 mm, 40 inches four effective clamping 1016 mm, 50 inches four effective clamping 1270 mm, 60 inches four effective clamping 1524 mm, 82 inches four effective clamping 2082 mm, 98 inches four effective clamping 2489 mm, a total of 32. Stay in the countryside of carpentry room this week, made my first chair, because love and reverence carpenter master 'island, George,' I chose his most classic & quot; connid椅子” Generic. 。 。 Copying a work, the first to know the size of his size and proportion, this for experienced carpenters, estimates that easy. 。 。 I was the first time a chair, but also it is a bit difficult to challenge for the classic, so as before, I check and collect the image information almost all about this chair. 。 。 Baidu, Google, facebook didn't find the information about the size. 。 。
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