Woodworking machinery, accessories and furniture accessories exposition

by:Gewinn     2020-09-22

held: chongqing international furniture and household industry exposition, the international building decoration fair, chongqing housing industry expo

market outlook:

, the industrial advantage: chongqing is the suit door of China, has long life and other China's household ( Wooden door) Industrial base & throughout; , chongqing yongchuan international wood industry high-tech industrial park, wood and furniture industry park. Suit door, furniture, cabinets and flooring four prominent development of household industry, make the household of chongqing industry outstanding achievements. Chongqing wood door industry output value has reached more than one hundred million yuan, become the domestic influential wooden door industry cluster.

and regional advantage: chongqing is located in southwest China, is one of the largest economic center of the Yangtze river and the southwest and the important transport hub. In chongqing as the center, radiation southwest of sichuan, yunnan and other places of furniture market.

exhibition introduced:

the second China ( Chongqing) Woodworking machinery & middot; Conveniently upgrade accessories accessories and furniture fair, and the west's largest furniture furniture and architectural decoration exhibition mutual linkage, exhibition area of square meters, is expected to exhibitors number +, professional audience to reach. Woodworking machinery equipment, woodworking machinery, furniture of form a complete set materials and furniture hardware accessories and furniture enterprises, household furniture stores, distributors, agents, building decoration company ( Domestic outfit, tooling) With designers, such as real estate developers, hotel industry, the ifsc! More than 20 furniture, furniture association, more than media outlets, more than a professional exhibition team, work together to create a radiation broader value, business cooperation and sharing of high-end party! Become a leading western furniture furniture industry market trend!

the last review:

years, the first China ( Chongqing) Woodworking machinery & middot; Accessories accessories and furniture fair held in chongqing international expo center. Has brought together more than woodworking machinery ZhengHui brand enterprise and upstream and downstream industry chain enterprises and also attracted Taiwan's top machinery parts enterprises to participate in, for the majority of woodworking machinery enterprises in chongqing and southwest furniture market provides a good platform. Conveniently, the exposition will build fair mutual linkage and chongqing, together create a radiation broader value, business cooperation and sharing of high-end event.

scope of exhibits:

woodworking machinery equipment, woodworking machinery fittings, furniture materials and hardware fittings
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