Woodworking machinery accident reason mainly has the following four aspects

by:Gewinn     2020-04-30
1. Woodworking machinery work knife shaft speed is high, the rotation inertia big, difficult to brake. The operator in order to make it as soon as possible after the machine stop stalling, often used by hand or stick to brake, often because the hand carelessly and rotating cutter contact and cause harm. 2. Woodworking machinery with manual feeding, this is lurking on hands. When hand push into wood, because the knot, bending or other defects, unconsciously hand contact with the cutting edge and cause harm. 3. Woodworking machinery of high speed, and processed wood, in the process of cutting noise, vibration, workers labor intensity and fatigue. These factors are easy to make the operator error and cause harm. 4. The operator is not familiar with the operation technology of woodworking machinery performance and safety, or not in accordance with the safety operation procedures, and no woodworking machinery equipment installation safety protection device or safety protection device failure, are easy to cause accident.
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