Woodworking machinery can be divided into several categories according to the processing function

by:Gewinn     2020-04-27
Woodworking machinery is to point to in the wood processing, wood processing and processing of semi-finished products become wood of machine tools. Divided into log processing machinery, woodworking machinery board manufacturing and processing machinery, furniture manufacturing, etc. 1. Log processing machinery: to log on at the beginning of processing machinery, such as saw cutting, wood veneer, desiccant, etc. 2. Board manufacturing and processing machinery: solid wood and man-made board ( Material such as plywood, MDF, particle board) Manufacturing machinery, and to deal with the surface of the plate, used for furniture processing sheet before the way with the mechanical process, such as machine, refers to pick up, hot and cold pressing machine, wrapping machine, etc. 3. Furniture manufacturing machinery, including board type furniture, office furniture, solid wood furniture and other wood products processing and manufacturing to machine, manual, semiautomatic and fully automatic. Many varieties, wide range. From cutting, shaping, profiling, drilling, tenon chamfer, splicing combination, glue, paint on packing and so on various aspects, all can be done by machine. Below as the woodworking machinery processing factory to take us to know about the woodworking machinery according to the classification of processing function. Cutting: the main equipment are: disk saw saws, also called windmill belt longitudinal sawing saws, single chip, chip saw, push Taiwan saw, cutting saw, double-headed saws, etc. Rotary cutting: the main equipment includes: has the card lathe cutting machine, rotary cutting machine, wood peeling machine, etc. Lathe, ordinary lathe, copying lathe, back knife lathes, CNC lathes, etc. Planer: ordinary flat plane, oblique mouth flat plane, automatic flat plane, etc. Milling machine, vertical milling machine, vertical ornamental engraving and milling machine, hanging ornamental engraving machine, pneumatic hoisting ornamental engraving machine, trimming machine, double-headed milling, comb, tenon machine, CNC engraving machine, etc. Sanding: there are ordinary sand machine, vertical lie sand machine, concussion blasting machine, sand machine, sanding machine, heavy sanding machine, primer sanding machine, sanding machine, special-shaped sanding machine, gas drum sand, sand, sponge wheel sand thousand impeller, disc sanding machine, sanding machine, etc. Drilling: vertical bench drill, horizontal bench drill, vertical drilling, horizontal drilling, vertical porous drilling, single row drilling, drilling holes. Press: pneumatic machine, hydraulic machine, electric group group installed, length, jointing machine, coating machine, etc. A: on woodworking machinery factory - Woodworking machinery manufacturing equipment storage precautions: next sealing side machine each set of functions is introduced:
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