Woodworking machinery CNC lathe structure layout and features

by:Gewinn     2020-04-26
Woodworking CNC lathe such large equipment if it can be very good use, structure layout and the characteristics of it needs us to do a detailed understanding of, only in this way we can better to control and use, then we'll take a look at the three aspects of concrete, let everybody can better understand knowledge about the woodworking CNC lathe. The layout of the woodworking CNC lathe: woodworking CNC lathe parts, such as the spindle, tail relative to the layout of the bed form with horizontal lathe, and head and guide fundamental changes have taken place in the layout of the form, this is because the tool rest and the layout of the guide rail form directly affect the using properties and the village of woodworking CNC lathe bed L J J and appearance. In addition, woodworking CNC lathes have closed protection device. Woodworking CNC lathe structure: woodworking CNC lathe is the spindle box, tool post, feed transmission system, lathe bed, hydraulic system, cooling system, lubricating system, such as parts, only woodworking CNC lathe feed system with horizontal lathe feed system is essentially difference in structure. The movement of the horizontal lathe spindle after hanging wheel frame, feed box, slip board box to the tool post, longitudinal and transverse feed motion. And woodworking CNC lathe is adopt servo motor, the ball screw to skateboard and tool rest, z to ( Longitudinal) And to the ( Lateral) Feed movement. Woodworking CNC lathe also has the function of the female Ⅱ work of thread, motion relationship between spindle and tool post move by nc system to control. Woodworking CNC lathe spindle pulse encoder is installed in the cabinet, the movement of the main shaft through the synchronous cog belt 1 to 1 pulse encoder. When the spindle rotates, pulse encoder signal detection pulse to the numerical control system, the rotation of the spindle motor and the rest of cutting feed motion relations needed to keep the processing thread, the thread machining spindle turn a turn, a tool rest z to mobile workpiece lead. This is the knowledge about woodworking nc lathe, if you want to learn more knowledge of product can be to our company website to view more detailed content, detailed here you will have more harvest.
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