Woodworking machinery CNC lathe will appear the phenomenon of job cuts?

by:Gewinn     2020-04-30
Has not yet widely used in woodworking CNC lathe, wood processing industry is mainly used for wood wood lathe for machining, at the time machine cuts accidents often occur. Now, as technology advances, the staff do not need to be close to face machine for some computer control, staff by managing the generally have to do is start the program. So in this case is one hundred percent safe use machine? The use of woodworking CNC lathe is greatly reduced harm accident probability, but under the condition of the individual or there will be a man-made accidents, these things are we don't want to see, small make up for the next several machine hurt the cause of the accident do the analysis. Woodworking CNC lathe tool for cutting damage, mostly due to the natural wood defects ( Such as knots, ambrosia, decay, etc. ) ; Processing defects ( Such as silking) Cause cutting resistance suddenly change; The wood is too narrow, short, thin, lack of enough supporting surface for clamping fixed difficulty; Manual feeding control posture is not stable, make the timber in processing by the shock, vibration, bounce, side down, cracking, could make the manipulator lost control of the wood, the push hand touch wood cutting tool damage. Due to the high speed movement and more knife edge tool, even an instant touch can also lead to serious consequences. Woodworking CNC lathe timber rebound side impact cuts. Is mainly due to the irregular shape of wood, the saw cutting points after the center of gravity position change cause side; Caused by wood property or scar furuncle binging suddenly bounce off again; Due to the bending wood after pressurized alignment, in the process of processing a variety of reasons, such as elastic recovery is likely to cause the rebound of lumber cuts. Through the above understanding of small make up remind users in the process of use must pay attention to their own personal safety, must be in the correct steps to operation, if there is an emergency must be prepared to stop operations and then to see, the machine start working process shall not let the operators close, especially the part near the cutting tool.
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