Woodworking machinery common sawing machine cutting injury accident

by:Gewinn     2020-05-02
Common sawing machine band sawing machine and round saw machine. Sawing accidents mainly include: cutting saw damage, ejector blade is broken, wood hit damage, etc. Sawing damage by adopting safety protection device and the correct action to prevent them. 1) band sawing machine band saw blade thickness should be adapted to match the band saw wheel. Avoid small wheel choose big saw blade thickness, fracture cuts. (2) the band saw blade should be sharp, tooth depth shall not exceed the saw blade width 1/4. (3) band sawing machine band saw blade welding should be smooth, more than three joint wood, more than 1/5 length shall be the length between two joint, joint thickness should be consistent with the thickness of the saw blade. (4) strict control of band saw blade transverse crack, crack long welding shall be cut off again. (5) large band saw sports car rail should be straight, both ends is equipped with a travel switch, warning shall be set up on both sides of the bar.
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