Woodworking machinery construction requirements

by:Gewinn     2020-04-27
( 1) Before machining, should clear away the nail in the wood, steel and other metal. ( 2) Dust removal equipment of woodworking machinery operation before, should start the dust exhausting device, dust exhausting pipe deformation and gas leakage is not allowed. ( 3) Operation process of woodworking machinery, and may not be measured workpiece size and clean up the sawdust, shavings and debris. ( 4) Operation process of woodworking machinery, and may not cross woodworking machinery transmission parts. Troubleshooting, disassembling tool should be in woodworking machinery after cut off the power supply and stop. ( 5) Operation, should be based on the material, thickness, humidity of the wood to choose the appropriate cutting speed and feed. Operators and support personnel should cooperate closely, uniform transfers the material. ( 6) When using multipurpose woodworking machinery, should use only one function, other functions of equipment shall not interfere with operation. ( 7) After operation, should cut off the power and lock the lock box, and should be cleaned up, lubrication. ( 8) Woodworking machinery noise should not exceed the construction field noise limit; When the woodworking machinery noise more than limit, noise reduction measures should be taken. Woodworking machinery operators should wear personal protective equipment according to the rules. A: woodworking machinery processing industry categories: next article: purchase of second-hand woodworking machinery and matters needing attention
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