Woodworking machinery: correct understanding of wood and wood industry

by:Gewinn     2020-05-01
Wood is composed of many tubular cells, qualitative light, high strength, sound-absorbing, insulation; Beautiful texture, color rich, soft gloss and good sense of touch; And it contains a variety of chemical compound ingredients, some kinds of wood and health care function, so the wood is the choice of interior decoration and furniture manufacturing materials. Wood is used for papermaking, due to its high fiber content, Timber volume accounted for about 40%) , good quality, low price, recognized as the best raw materials. At the same time, the wood processing easier, and less energy consumption, other materials is incomparable. Wood has become the most important human except water, the most widely used raw materials. The practice of some forestry developed countries has been strongly proves this point. Broadleaf timber in the United States, for example, the country because we adhere to the principle of high consumption, high yield of reasonable management forest, broadleaf timber volume of about 21. 15 million 1952 bam, in addition to meet the needs of the domestic output of wood, there are 10% of exports, in 1992, broadleaf timber volume of 428. 08 million m3, not only did not decrease, and increased by 82%. In recent years, the Chinese government at the same time of increasing afforestation, forest protection, forest program for forest resources, has preliminarily realized the growth of forest area and volume. That kind of unreasonable restrictions wood used and the substitution of non-renewable resources for wood is reverse behavior, it is not advisable.
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