Woodworking machinery cutting plate to ensure high precision

by:Gewinn     2020-05-01
When the woodworking machinery blades are not sharp and the block surface coarse, required in a timely manner to grinding, when regrinding can not change the original point of view, must give to grinding in the specialized manufacturer of lai; The circular saw blade in the process of packaging and packaging control ( Such as packing machine) Must be very careful appreciates the sharp blade, easy cause damage; When transporting saw blade must use proper packing to avoid damage. Workers should have a certain level of control and manipulation skills outside, still must ensure that equipment and accurate use: the machine in good condition, main shaft deformation and vibration, the diameter of axle tolerance for h7, when used to install the shield; Operators shall be equipped with the necessary knowledge and manipulate eyepiece equipped with protection, pay attention to tie and cuffs, cannot take gloves, long hair to wear working cap; Check whether there is any defect on the sawtooth, fall off, abnormal wear and sawing plate bending, the abnormal phenomenon such as distortion burst. When installation to ensure that the saw blade direction of spindle rotation direction and machine; To confirm the selected saw blade is suitable for installation by cutting speed, feed materials; Each flange installation to ensure the smooth surface of the flange clean, parallel and perpendicular to the axis of size should be consistent with each other, the minimum diameter of the flange plate is the 1/3 of saw blade diameter, washer should be vertical; When installation, saw blade plate height is at least higher sawtooth height; Cross-sectional, when cutting teeth at least 3 at the same time, otherwise the blade will shake; Use should be fixed by cutting material, found the abnormal sound and vibration, block surface coarse, bending should be resting when homework, timely check, troubleshooting.
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