Woodworking machinery dealer marketing master brand is the key

by:Gewinn     2020-09-22

line, line out of the top, all roads lead to Rome, but there are a lot of people scratching their heads in the process of competition, unsuccessfully. So let's count, woodworking machinery distribution of what is to grasp the key. Brand of

the dealer, at the beginning of the choice agent brand to brand for a full investigation. The brand enterprise strength, the operator's moral character, brand enterprise team, brand appeal, etc. Easy to start, but hard to end, this is the most important issue facing the dealers. As a result, the new agent is a tricky when the contract signing. Consciousness of

because many dealers is wholesale market enterprises, ever also the business are flawed, but we must clearly recognize that the height of the wholesale market has become the past. If there is no timely transformation thought, not to consider long-term interests, do not do network construction, no terminal maintenance, will eventually be eliminated by the market.

the foreseeable result is more backward management consciousness, brand consciousness weak gradually, more and more a lack of scientific management of inventory, data, customer data, not to mention regional business strategy planning, finally become can't find the way out, the first out of a group of people.

terminal business has disadvantages

does not have the brand operation capacity and market control ability, dealers by scale, strength, quality, management level, management consciousness, the influence of such factors as unable to achieve the integrated marketing, advantage maximization and minimization of cost, the combination of comprehensive strength.

even if is the national famous brand product in hand, also cannot make local consumer recognition, share a high brand agents.
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