Woodworking machinery, double plane safety operation procedures

by:Gewinn     2020-09-29

woodworking machinery, woodworking machine, double-side planer safety practices (BSPS)

all rotating parts and devices must be equipped with safety protection cover, correct use;

and closing or before starting, must inform the staff at attention, then closing boot, empty machine running a minute, no abnormal phenomenon can work, it is forbidden to take failure use;

and operation, it is strictly prohibited to a planing two pieces of different materials, specifications of the wood;

and maintain smooth feeding, such as found material walk cross or stuck, should reduce downtime mesa to take out the wood;

amount of planing, at a time should be mm, if hard wood, in addition to decrease planing should also reduce the feeding speed;

and feeding, must be advanced, and pay attention to prevent be dressed timber springback hurt at any time;

, be dressed timber length can not be shorter than before and after the roller center distance, when the plane is short of material must be continuous feed;

, replace the blade, the same blade on the cutter shaft and blade thickness and the weight of the lock screw must agree, pressure knife cut against must be cleaned and tighten the screw blade, the force should be uniform, shall not be too tight or too loose.

, scheduling, the feeding speed must be in operation scheduling;

not plane, processing of wood do not drop operation, so as not to damage the lifting gear;

, work has been completed, cut off the power switch, cleaning machine;

and maintenance procedures, the machine operators must every day to oiling machine elevator parts, clean and check the automatic injection system; Mechanics to filling equipment butter once a month, each quarter should make a comprehensive inspection for the machine.
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