Woodworking machinery driller safety operation procedures

by:Gewinn     2020-09-22

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a, homework to

, will clean up machine mesa and workplaces;

and check whether the bit is sharp, direction of rotation is correct, according to the requirements of processing adjust good crank rotating circle number;

and commissioning, check whether the machine is normal;

, ready to timber and accessories ( Plate, etc. ) 。

2, operating procedures,

and press the start switch, hand crank rotating, until the complete processing;

, if the processing depth is larger, the press felt pressure, a handle and shake a few times, bit move up and down in the processing, the wood chips out;

, homework, artifacts should be solid, not swing on both sides, so as not to break a bit;

, each a kind of workpieces, must be first self-inspection;

, first check whether the safety protection device is well before the work is complete, the bit clamping and firm, work is allowed to wear gloves and scarves.

, according to the nature of the wood properly grasp the drilling pressure and speed.

, any product must have special fixed tools, may not be directly with the hand touch or hold down hole processing.

and bit change, must stop, must not touch with hands and cotton yarn to clean the parts.

and sawdust under the drill, shall blow with the mouth, in case of flying into eye.

, in exchange for the workpiece, will stop.

end, homework, shut off the power, such as wood chips is clean.

3, note

loosening, vibration, if the center axis, or there are abnormal smell and sound, should be immediately shut down;

, in the process of processing, clear in time processing of wood chips.
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