Woodworking machinery drying technology high demand

by:Gewinn     2020-04-26
Woodworking machinery dryer market potential is very big, big to foreign enterprises also want to eat the cake, and foreign enterprise compare with the drying machine manufacturing in our country, there exists a gap, of course, also have the upper hand, anyway if you want to compete with foreign enterprises is still need technical support, set up different is the soul of enterprise. Especially the Chinese government introduced products are exported to various relevant policy support, for tribes of drying equipment production enterprise created the wonderful external premise, this suggests that our country dryer equipment development vision of the good. Now produce of drying equipment in China is increasing, expanding share fan heating equipment is surrounded, level and product quality rapidly progress, market competition ability is growing. In order to satisfied the market growing demand, drying equipment must intensify research and development constantly set, with more suitable for the requirement of the market, with the development of the market. At present domestic drying equipment automation level is low, the control means backward is common problem. Drying equipment industry service today is obvious characteristics of the chemical industry began to slowly increase the proportion of technical content, and are becoming increasingly raised. At present the level of automation, solve the control problem of drying equipment are not problems, but lack most is the combination of automatic control technology and reasonable drying equipment. Woodworking machinery industry faces the serious energy and environmental challenges, China recently to the comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable scientific development view as guidance thinking, established in 2020 to long-term energy development strategy and development plan of science and technology, the development strategy of energy and environment, and pointed out the direction for the development of Chinese drying technology, it is imperative to explore a new path of development of drying technology. In recent years, of collecting a lot of drying equipment production enterprises have realized this, increased investment in science and technology and the pace of new product development, and got good grades. It puts forward higher requirements on drying technology.
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