Woodworking machinery enterprise dig market are the main channels of precision farming are fundamental

by:Gewinn     2020-09-29

whether in the form of, directly or through franchised dealer agent, domestic woodworking machinery brand marketing network are thin and on the number of brands, marketing network coverage has gap. While foreign brands often take the form of stores, set up their own marketing system, so that we can get the market feedback information in time, improve the products. Channel development is one of the important means of woodworking machinery enterprises in marketing, this model is to adapt to the current market competition environment and the ecological marketing.

the so-called channel, is to grasp dealer, market competition to maintain point is the terminal network, the manufacturer is to grasp the dealer. But dealer's resources is not only limited, but dealers ability is uneven. With declining woodworking machinery industry average profit, and makes the enterprises rely on a single product, the homogeneity product already can not satisfy consumers' diversified and personalized demand. At this time, the enterprise marketing strategy must be based on the competitive strategy of product planning, to make products series, rhythm combination, otherwise can't meet the demand of consumers, which destroys the market stability. Building a scientific system of marketing network, is fundamental to ensure effective implementation of the marketing strategy. Specifically, it is timely feedback market information; 2 it is to set up companies in close cooperation with distributors, to ensure the interests of dealers; Three is to establish a pre-market after-sales service system, and consumer products sales before and after the communication, the guarantee of pre-sale for consumers to rest assured to buy, after-sales service and customer loyalty, easier to build to the people around to consumers for compulsory publicity, effect is more obvious.

to adapt to the change which adapt to the change of the consumer. With the improvement of living standards, consumer's consumption concept also more and more mature and rational, personality consumption, consumption of active and selective growing, consumers will eventually become the woodworking machinery market & other Master & throughout; 。 In such conditions, only want to & other; God & throughout; The thought of enterprise won't eliminated by the market.

predictably, whose product can satisfy consumers' diversified and multi-level reality demand and potential demand, who can get in the hands of consumers that bao-gui zhang & other Vote & throughout; 。 Enterprise must be explicitly is effective for the service, the most profit value of segments, further undermining, intensive cultivation. Any hides behind the market demand, can be further defined segment of the potential and possible, enterprise is by no means nothing in front of the established market demand. Therefore, the establishment of market information collection and analysis, it is growth woodworking machinery enterprise to adapt to market changes, one of the ongoing work of the mastery of market economy, the greater the grasp of the market, the greater the chance of success. Have no certainty market needs or market demand, will make the enterprise decision-making and the demand of the market far, finally from the consumer market.
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