Woodworking machinery enterprise itself is the key

by:Gewinn     2020-09-28

a woodworking machinery enterprises to change, for the company must clear its own position, investors, operators and managers, or professionals? At startup, the enterprise with a few people do business, general may concurrently hold the several roles, to undertake procurement, warehousing, driver, accounting, business, such as multiple roles, but larger, and if there is such positioning, apparently unable to meet the needs of the development.

internal management to integrate the

one is the introduction of talent mechanism, import of fresh blood, break the internal boundaries, not stick to one pattern to attract talented people to come to apply for. Woodworking machinery enterprise itself is small, the fund is limited, for this type of woodworking machinery enterprises, there should be a publicity, & other; Packaging & throughout; Their process. Secondly, establish an evaluation system more scientific and constraint mechanism, woodworking machinery enterprises should put down the relations, the establishment of comprehensive scientific evaluation index system, in line with the principles of justice, fair, open, from Germany, can, attendance, performance assessment of all aspects of the staff, constraint employee behavior, arouse the enthusiasm of staff; The second is to develop the corresponding rules and regulations, to control the management and employee turnover.

woodworking machinery industry development to plan the

a business from production to sales of standardization and standardization, to a great extent, reflects the development of the industry at present. Faced with internal and external pressure of woodworking machinery industry from production, sales, installation to after-sales service become one-stop service standardization, strengthen enterprise management, should establish specifications and standards of product price system, strengthen the effective market regulation, improve the market competitiveness of products and the profitability of the enterprise.
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