Woodworking machinery enterprise management of funds is very important

by:Gewinn     2020-09-22
Law of

a: cautious investment

now a lot of woodworking machinery enterprises are family enterprise, private enterprise. In the past & other; Front shop, back factory & throughout; , lack of power, unsecured loan, loan one road, can only rely on accumulation & other; Snowball & throughout; Scratch and use its own funds. Because the money has not come easily, some woodworking machinery enterprises in very careful management, cast a earn a few, at least not losing money; Advertising, exhibition, promotion, promotion also carefully. A business owner said: & other; The za is doing woodworking machinery, only live in the present moment, to have a future. If you see the big & lsquo; Financial & rsquo; , just can't stand the temptation, don't know how much can own pot burned bread, blind money on the project, once the treading water, everything is gone. Not injured themselves, they also gave pit employees and customers. ”

rule 2: to build a new selling point

insist innovation & other; Catch a selling point & throughout; To ensure a steady money up. A lot of woodworking machinery enterprises through product innovation, to let the product selling points, orders continuously, to ensure stable capital chain. If some woodworking machinery enterprise through a certain input, or selling point and pure and fresh, these products or patented product, or to adapt to the market, market value, received a good & other; Financial & throughout; 。

rule 3: cut down the cost of the

as small and medium-sized enterprise, some woodworking machinery enterprise financing, loans difficult, maintain capital chain more difficult. In order to survive and develop, the enterprise insist & other; One's own dream round & throughout; 。 In & other; Throughout the investment & cautiously; Under the premise of pay more attention to open source throttling, cost reduction from the internal tapping in the capital, expand the money. If some enterprise on the basis of scientific evaluation and forecast market, seize the node, in operation, production off-season & other; The chariot & throughout; Materials, sales & other; Cold & throughout; City catch production, or through the fine production, logistics, warehousing and other link reckoning, saving energy and reducing consumption, and greatly reduces the production and labor costs, increasing the profits of the product, give play to the role of the long-term fund use, to a certain extent picked up & other; Save money & throughout; — — “ Money & throughout; The effect of.

rule four: borrow a multiplex promote balance

capital chain is not stable, often related to lack of enterprise capital operation, robbing Peter to pay Paul, eventually lose balance, grows harder. Some woodworking machinery enterprises in the case of the market downturn, the financial picture look bad, engaged in the management of diversity, maintain the brand operation and sustainable development. If some woodworking machinery enterprise using primitive accumulation on the logistics, real estate, warehousing and other industries, with a group or enterprise own capital, maintain the woodworking machinery factory production and management, while there is no stage to realize leap-forward development of comedy, and there are no big - great scene, a plain is true.

in recent years, the woodworking machinery market competition becomes more intense, more and more brand woodworking machinery to the raise, public, actively expand financing channels. Successful financing is not easy, however, the integration of woodworking machinery enterprises in the existing situation, completes the fund management is also crucial. As for how to do money management, to maintain stable capital chain, the personage inside course of study is given four laws of the above can be appropriately reference.
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