Woodworking machinery enterprise to grasp the consumer demand to improve the value-added new products

by:Gewinn     2020-09-30

woodworking machinery market competition is more and more heated, every industry is easy to fall into the product homogeneity competition, looking for differentiation is becoming more and more difficult. If the same product, from the perspective of the function, although there is an opportunity, but it is still difficult. Because in the eyes of consumers, the function of the same kind of product is roughly the same, although can tell the difference between the various manufacturers. However, if out of the product itself to think, everyone has different levels of psychological need. Relative to the psychological pleasure and satisfaction, consumer demand for function or the most primitive demand.

consumer spending a product has a higher ultimate goal, if caught at the top of the psychological demand, can give a more value added products. Consumers through psychological dependence of emotion is difficult to estimate, so that enterprises can avoid the function, the price war. Therefore, to create new product value is the enterprise marketing to win the important strategy to break.

the value of multivariate model expand the woodworking machinery enterprise development space

when the existing product is difficult to have a breakthrough in the field, we can choose to look on the diversity of specific consumer groups demand, through the substitute stealthily strategy can make the product to gain more market space. Only in this way, can let & other; Sally & throughout; Become more marketing power, & other; Sally & throughout; Through the substitute stealthily, marketing is a large space to imagine.

woodworking machinery enterprise to get high profits, must work in value added, because additional value will let the consumer revaluation. In product development, integrated into some of the new extension value, the additional value, can have unexpected effect, and it also can let enterprise out of the competition of existing and to find new markets.

motivate product innovation to build woodworking machinery enterprises to develop new engine

overall, woodworking machinery enterprise to is in the leading position in the fierce market competition, enterprises should always put innovation as the first, because only the innovation, the enterprise to create new value, in the increasingly fierce market competition to obtain greater development.
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