Woodworking machinery enterprise under the environment of the market downturn, whether to add or subtract?

by:Gewinn     2020-09-29

different companies have different strategies, we can put the industry enterprises are classified into the first tier, the second tier, and small and medium-sized enterprises.

in the first place, see the first echelon of bibcock enterprise development status. Woodworking machinery enterprises listed on the head, head of enterprise in the face of a slowing choice strategy is to develop & other; ” Market, and integrate the industry resources. Relative to the large-scale expansion of production capacity, a few years ago to develop the strategy is more targeted: one is to make further development of enterprise scale and influence; The other is looking for new growth space to support the capital for the imagination of the woodworking machinery industry. The head enterprise especially listed companies flush with cash, so at this time can still positive long-term market layout. From the perspective of a few people in the exhibition scene, woodworking machinery is still a good plate industry development.

on the other hand, the Matthew effect is more significant of the industry, the head brand can attract more channels and consumer attention, for the second tier of enterprise competition pressure increases, the second tier brand is more about concept in power. Is just a little gradient enterprises still eager to add, but has a more conservative solid from the strategy, in terms of market & other; Crossover & throughout; “ Brand alliances & throughout; Such as bulk way more common.

the woodworking machinery, small and medium enterprises of the state?

through understanding and research, we noticed that small and medium-sized enterprises are facing two situations: one kind is enterprise development does not have a prospective, trapped in the environmental protection requirements and product competitiveness is low, the development is not well. Especially the blind expansion of production capacity after the enterprises face more difficult dilemma of cash flow. Another kind is the third line cities under small market development, the market space for small city is still great competitive pressure is small, still in accordance with the old model development.

as can be seen from this pattern, customization, small and medium enterprises development is uneven, industry competition is not comprehensive, on the eve of the pattern in subversion, there are also anxiety, confusion, some days, moisten, some have a torment. But in the enterprise development level is very conservative.

the woodworking machinery industry are faced with the adjustment, more like the woodworking machinery industry will further mature. The sign of mature is: industry information asymmetry, greatly reduce production level gap is greatly reduced and market stability. Development of such enterprises can enter a more benign, eliminated the backward enterprises face natural crisis. So enterprises have a certain development planning and crisis consciousness is harmless. Although into the second half of the remain competitive, but the market is undoubtedly more specifications, for the direction of the enterprise will be more clear.
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