Woodworking machinery enterprises should actively seize market focus on differentiation

by:Gewinn     2020-09-28

woodworking machinery prices are essential to any industry development stage

when faced with rising costs, large companies still unbearable, let alone a sme. Today, woodworking machinery industry has increasingly mature, the competition has transformed the original pure price competition as the scale and technology. The market slowdown will also accelerate the industry reshuffle. Polarization trend since last year, woodworking machinery industry has been more and more obvious. On one side, market concentration up to the big enterprise, the number of small and medium-sized enterprises is decreasing; On the other side is in order to compete with big business differentiation, began to take more and more high margin market of small and medium-sized enterprise.

in the face of high-profile & other Boom & throughout; , the woodworking machinery enterprise thinks, woodworking machinery industry is gradually return to rational, now is the time to enterprise work. “ Both price and the price, it is caused by the rules of the development of the market, it is essential to any industry. ”

the market competition has been shifted from price to value from

in the industry gradually mature at present, rely on the traditional marketing strategy of price competition has been somewhat & other; Puff & throughout; , woodworking machinery industry has spent the vulgar, the explosive growth of the primary stage, the price war is no longer the main mode of operation of the enterprise, but moved to the development of high-end products, technology upgrade, to meet consumer demand for new strategy core. Fortunately, there are a lot of woodworking machinery enterprise began to realize the product & other Value & throughout; The importance of value has shifted from price competition to fight, and through & other; Differentiation strategy & throughout; To find its orientation in the market.

advice the personage inside course of study is also, in the face of rising raw material costs, the enterprise must first to ensure their own survival, the rise, rise, will give top priority to product quality, at the same time to put an end to homogeneity competition, get the differentiated positioning.

in fact, woodworking machinery companies understand that prices can not bring how many real profits. Still need to enterprise innovation to the development of industry, and how to make the high value-added products in raw material rises in price of a time, as well as to think and discuss next woodworking machinery industry development.
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