Woodworking machinery equipment operation procedures

by:Gewinn     2020-04-25
Mechanical equipment operating system, woodworking machinery and equipment operating procedures on HaiRong woodworking machinery to provide you with Ann. A, equipment operators, subject to job training, after the inspection qualified, can the independent operation, j/{ 2 o * A + c # of A second, the operators must be familiar with mechanical equipment technology, performance, internal structure, simple operation procedures, maintenance and disposal of fault. Will do use, will check and maintenance and troubleshooting, three drunk, lack of concentration or sick people are strictly prohibited operating machinery, the machinery operators are strictly prohibited operating China furniture BBS, in four, operation, the site must be clean, must focus on operation, no smoking, eating food, talking and laughing to amuse, in mechanical operation, not on the mechanical cleaning wood shavings, sawdust furniture BBS in China, China furniture network, BBS, furniture furniture, furniture BBS, office home five, personnel in the operation, not far away from the post, need to leave, must stop the power. No machinery to the designated personnel for six, machinery and equipment should shift the specialist is responsible for the use and management, strictly abide by rules of mechanical equipment maintenance, the maintenance at all levels, earnestly should reasonable use, correct operation, machinery and equipment are in good condition. And every new installation mechanical or reinstall after overhaul, modification, or moved to remove a good equipment, must, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the inspection, verification and test run after qualified, party must put into production use, and shall strictly according to the regulation of large, medium and small repair time limit for repair in time, in order to prolong the service life of the eight, machinery and equipment of the transmission part and the cutting tool, must have a reliable safety protective cover, and should check at any time, keep its nine, flexible and effective operating personnel work, must wear good clothes, wearing a good working cap, long hair must not exposed, sleeves rolled to above the elbow or new QQ within 10, electric machinery and equipment, it is strictly prohibited under low pressure or unstable voltage operation, the machine starts, should check electrical instrument, after being ammeter pointer stable normal, before formally to work. In the work, such as when he found the rated voltage of the power shortage equipment, power should immediately stop the Chinese furniture BBS, China furniture network, BBS, furniture furniture, furniture BBS, office furniture, furniture, furniture. w *’# H8X / ( 11, 0 _ % d work, if there are any power failure, switch should be closed, in case of calls after mechanical running itself twelve, mechanical equipment is strictly prohibited & other; Take a disease & throughout; Operation or overload operation, failure should be excluded from or to the competent timely repair advice on 13, mechanical equipment, the operation shall not work for repair, maintenance, lubrication and tighten, if discover fever, such as different sound, loose parts or damage failure, should first stop blackouts, check after repair. b' y:? $ M % O) H. , the use of knives, should practice often hard grind, shall not be used. Power installation tool must stop before, must be required in accordance with the provisions of the machinery installation is firm, tighten bolts, must not have any loose phenomenon! o- Y5K/F1v115, after completion of work power outage, must clean up machinery, for maintenance, shut ( Lock) Good brake box 16, wood ash in the vacuum cleaner bag is not a bag full of 4/5, 17, full of the motor burned, when all machinery for repair or change the cutting tool, must suspend & other; The equipment is under maintenance, it is forbidden to use & throughout; sign
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