Woodworking machinery factory has four requirements to the clamp

by:Gewinn     2020-05-02
Woodworking machinery manufacturer in the operation is to use the jig because artifacts will be affected by cutting force, the action of centrifugal force, gravity, inertia, woodworking machinery manufacturer in order to ensure that the location of the processing, the role of the jig is not less. Requirements 1, clamping action is quick, reliable, and the operation is convenient, safe, energy saving. Requirements 2, clamping force to the appropriate size. Both to ensure that the workpiece clamping mechanism in processing process does not produce looseness or vibration. At the same time, and does not produce excessive clamping deformation and surface damage. Requirement 3, the automation of clamping mechanism suitable to the production scale and complexity with the workpiece, and have good molding process, using standardized components as much as possible. In woodworking machinery, woodworking machinery factory fixture position is not fixed, need to adjust according to the requirements of the workpiece processing.
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