Woodworking machinery factory introduction to the kinds of woodworking machinery

by:Gewinn     2020-05-01
Woodworking band saw machine: the unilateral or bilateral sawtooth gratuitous steel belt tensioning on the saw wheel rotation, to sawing wood woodworking machine. Woodworking circular saw machine, commonly known as the blade saw, circular saw blade cutting wood of the floorboard of the woodworking machine. Sawing machine: the sawing large plate into the required specifications and precision of the plate. Horizontal sawing machine: versatility, high quality, easy to realize the production automation, two or more can form plate automatic production line. Woodworking planer: to obtain a smooth surface, profile, the floorboard of the precise size of the woodworking machine. Rounded mortise machine, equipped with the handle of the milling cutter knife shaft rotation while swinging, artifacts into to get the groove depth at the same time. Woodworking polisher: used for wood finishing, to improve its size accuracy and surface roughness, flatness and provide a good base for surface treatment technologies. Woodworking machine: using pressure processing wood woodworking machine. Can complete wood pieces with wrapping; Layer bending; Solid wood bending; Wooden pieces glue spell; Embossing process, etc. No air cushion alien press: by using the properties of thermoplastic heating contraction, again by vacuum wrapping materials tightly attached to the workpiece surface heat-transfer machine: thermal transfer technology working principle: using heat and pressure to transfer printing design (on the membrane Adornment layer) Printing to the surface processing and can be used for medium density fiberboard (MDF), solid wood, such as surface decoration, fast and convenient. According to speak, is replacing the wood grain paper, PVC. Air spray painting machine: use compressed air to make coating spray, paint in high pressure atomized air blowing in under the action of the workpiece surface, the transmission efficiency is generally not more than 30%; Paint waste pollution, oil film forming thin at a time. Suitable for coloring and repair. Airless spray painting machine: coating under the effect of pressure pump, with certain pressure from the nozzle, function and atomization, and atmospheric, spray to the object surface. Less waste, less pollution, a film forming thicker, more primer spraying auxiliary air spray paint for wood products ( AA spray paint, aerated spray paint) : is the product of air and airless spray painting. It is the coating with a certain pressure ( Pressure is lower than the airless spray painting) Initial atomization, coating, at the same time to smaller air pressure ( Generally no more than 2 kg of pressure) Make the paint secondary atomization way of painting. Paint pass rate was 80%, suitable for the wood furniture paint and primer coating. Working principle of the electrostatic painting machine: : it is through a special electrostatic spray rob coating grain products bring negative and positively charged, by electrostatic effect for uniform coating firmly adsorbed on the surface of workpiece. The advantage is fuel-efficient, coating efficiency is as high as 90% above; Is advantageous for the mechanized, conducive to the health; The disadvantage is that investment is big, does not apply to small batch production, the moisture content of timber demand has certain, more than 7%. Works: fixed: portable: automatic type. Spray paint machine: products with a certain speed through continuous leave lacquer screen and obtaining uniform film coating method. The above information is for reference only, the late Ming xin wei woodworking machinery factory users in need can focus on our website! Woodworking machinery or Ming xin wei woodworking machinery factory, is specialized in the production of woodworking machinery manufacturers, many years of production experience, technology leading domestic, China price, trustworthy, wise choice, telephone hotline: 0757 - 27739063.
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