Woodworking machinery factory is invited to the 2018 China ( Guangdong) International furniture machinery and materials exhibition

by:Gewinn     2020-04-26
Woodworking machinery factory is invited to China ( Guangdong) International furniture machinery and materials fair: (date) (month) (year), China ( Guangdong) International furniture machinery and materials exhibition in China town, houjie town, dongguan city, guangdong modern international exhibition center opening! Business bureau in dongguan, dongguan houjie town, China furniture association, China coating industry association, Chinese forest product industrial association, China's home textiles industry association, China real estate industry association, China plastic processing industry association, China leather association, China environmental protection industry association, China association of Lin machine, guangdong furniture association and other leaders guests and consulate general in guangzhou officials, council member of the furniture of the association of south-east Asian nations (asean) to attend the opening ceremony. Town, houjie town, dongguan city, the National People's Congress chairman Mr Dynamic welcome address. Guangdong as a capital of Chinese furniture, it is important to the furniture manufacturing base, furniture raw materials distribution center in the asia-pacific region. The pearl river delta has more furniture companies, furniture production value % of total, become larger woodworking machinery in China, raw and auxiliary materials consumption market. Houjie town, dongguan in guangdong province of tactical advantage, is located in a large bay area of guangdong, shenzhen, dongguan, huizhou, zhongshan, foshan and so on five big hub for high-end furniture production enterprise. Woodworking machinery factory is invited to China ( Guangdong) International furniture machinery and materials fair visit woodworking machinery exhibition has come from Russia, kazakhstan, Iran, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Ukraine, belarus, Egypt, Kenya, Rwanda, Kenya, Latvia, Libya, somalia, Niamey, Algeria, Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Malaysia and other overseas buyers to purchase communication. CNC milling machine mainly used for wood processing irregular furniture tenon chamfer and various specifications of the hole, the double location on circulation and processing, convenient operation and strong practicability, especially for different shapes mortise, small spacing between workpiece machining of high efficiency, high precision, non-stop circulating feeding slot milling processing. Numerical control tenon machine applicable to the door, tables and chairs and other product of a joint processing product specifications can be adjusted by digital display, more convenient to adjust the processing size, more precise processing. At the same time working mesa to do degrees slope processing. Double mesa can be left and right sides circulation processing at the same time, improve the efficiency of double processing. Jointing machine machine using humanized operation platform, let the workers use easier, more efficient and faster. Mechanical lock nut part adopts high wear-resistant casting foundry, sleeve part has carried on the overall resistance to abrasion, oil pressure system key part use Taiwan brand, make the service life of the machine improves the years, dispense with the user's worries. Auxiliary layering than square steel elastic bigger and better toughness, extend the deadline. CNC double tenon machine adopts digital control, touch LCD screen, easy manipulation, realize fully automated tenon homework, on both ends of the workpiece processing at the same time, greatly enhance capacity. For rectangular tenon, round tenon, vertical oblique tenon mortise and processing. Tool feed speed stepless frequency conversion control was adopted in order to realize infinitely variable speed. With the German original ball screw feeding process, feeding action quickly. Woodworking machinery factory formerly have professional sales Taiwan imports of machinery for several years, has won the general customers the consistent high praise, but also created a group of professional and technical personnel and high-quality maintenance team, unceasingly for the factory laid a solid foundation for the research and development and innovation. 'Quality first, quality service, customer first' is the person setting will adhere to the business philosophy. To this end, we will add one hundred times efforts, to create a more perfect product to meet your requirements.
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