Woodworking machinery factory on how to reduce noise in wood machine work

by:Gewinn     2020-04-27
Wood machine and wood slice machine, wood machine is special equipment for production of high quality wood. Pine, miscellaneous wood, poplar, fir, etc can be all kinds of logs, bamboo cutting into uniform slices, can also be used for slab, veneer, bamboo branch material, corn stalk, cotton stalk, reed and other non-wood fiber rod of various materials such as slice processing. Wood chip machine is my factory production of a disc of wood processing machinery equipment, this machine is mainly composed of the blade cutting, can be in 3 - raw materials such as wood into specifications The small wood, about 7 cm range broken into pieces in forestry, chemical industry, paper industry has extensive using value. For wood machine in use, there will be some noise, for this problem cannot be solved, not to ensure no noise, but we can be used to reduce the noise! Wood machine woodworking machinery factory today to tell you about how to reduce noise in work and learn together. In 1, wood processing, after cutting material wall hit, can play to the machine can produce strong noise, we solved by adding wear-resisting lining the impact of noise. 2, in the plate and the surface of the feeding funnel of transmission, increase and the chassis shell cover damping materials, radiating surface can reduce a lot of noise. 3, wood machine in operation, the feeding speed can't too slow or too fast, feeding too slow but the noise will be bigger, feeding fast machine load increases, the production speed of machine blade wear degree is big also. 4, in order to more reduce wood machine noise, we should always be maintenance and maintenance, often bearing oil filling machine, reduce noise at the same time also can increase the service life of machine. 5, for wood machine rotating parts carefully balance, our equipment before each delivery all the balance in the school, so as to diminish the gaps between the cone shaft sleeve and the eccentric shaft, in order to reduce the vibration strength. A: furniture production equipment about CNC cutting machine efficiency improvement under the principles of 5 a: furniture production equipment: daily maintenance of CNC cutting machine
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