Woodworking machinery factory tell you use wood lathe to pay attention to the problem of lubrication

by:Gewinn     2020-04-29
With the continuous development of our industry, our lathe industry has entered a period of rapid development, in order to we use rise more convenient, is also in constant progress in technology, the use of wood lathe scope is very broad, popular with a lot of friends, because the wood lathe efficiency is very high, and save time and effort. But if it is a good machine can't correct the maintenance of it, also will become bad to use. Maintain wood lathe must pay attention to the above all is maintain it susceptible to wear and tear, it is very important, let's take a look at what to do about this problem. Lubricating way common lathe lathe lubrication took many forms. Commonly used has the following kinds: 1) Poured oil lubrication: often used in the leakage sliding surface, such as lathe bed guide rail surface slide guideway. 2) Splash lubrication: often used in airtight cabinet, such as lathe spindle box rotary gear to lubricating oil splash at the bottom of the box body upper tank, then the oil groove orifice flow to all lubricating points for lubrication. 't wick guide lubrication: commonly used to box slip board box oil pool, using the wick is easy oil absorption and easy oil leakage characteristics, introduced through the oil and oil lubrication points continuously drip lubrication. Billiard oil cup grease lubrication: often used in the tailstock, skateboard shake the handle and three poles ( Screw, light bars, lever) Support bearing, oil gun end under the pressure of nozzle regularly oil cup marbles will oil injection. Nozzle is removed, billiard relapsed in situ. Sealed oil mouth to dust crumbs. Butter cups lubrication: used to exchange the gearbox exchange between gear rack shaft or inconvenience often lubrication. Butter cups filled with calcium base grease in advance, and in need of lubrication, screw feed lid, extrusion to lubricating points to the cup grease. Pump oil lubrication: often used in high speed, requires a lot of lubricating oil continuous forced lubrication mechanism. In this way as many lubricating points in the headstock. Above is about tell you use wood lathe CNC lathe manufacturer to pay attention to the problems of lubrication of all knowledge, and hope that we can pay attention to read in this aspect of knowledge, if you like our content, please continue to focus on our website.
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