Woodworking machinery garland machine wire sawing machine safety operation procedures

by:Gewinn     2020-05-02
Garland machine wire sawing machine: product features: single phase induction motor direct drive, stable operation reliability and work under a lighter load, also won't break a saw blade, the machine has good stability, small vibration. Usage: suitable for cutting wood, and wood materials, plastic and non-ferrous metal materials, etc. , can be easily cut out of quite complex contour shape. 44 mm maximum cutting thickness, maximum turning radius of 330 mm, blade length 127 mm, workbench size 178305 mm, the workbench slant range 0 45. Safety operation procedures: before operation, the operator must be familiar with the performance of the machine, use and operation considerations, green it is forbidden to separate computer operation. Second, the operators must wear appropriate clothes during operation, are not allowed to wear gloves, not allowed to have long hair, the operator shall not be close to work the machine. Third, should first check before starting the security guard is reliable positioning, check whether there is any tool or foreign body placed on each part. Four, don't push reached into the machine while feeding wood, hands should immediately leave after when objects into the machine. Five, in wood stuck tool, you must stop, after the adjustment. After six, repair or maintenance, please put all of the safety device or shield cover back, can start the machine. Seven, the operator for things to leave jobs must be turned off, put an end to mix in the operation. Eight, when the machine abnormal, should immediately stop the professional repair, maintenance to ensure the supply disconnected. Nine, before coming off work have to clean the machine around the sawdust, stockpile of sawdust, is not allowed on the motor and the daily maintenance of the equipment. Ten, this machine for someone special machinery, the operators are strictly forbidden to boot operation, determined the operator consequences.
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