Woodworking machinery how to solve the problem of ventilation equipment noise

by:Gewinn     2020-09-26
Woodworking machinery and how to solve the problem of ventilation equipment noise

woodworking machinery from the transmission way of ventilation equipment noise suppression
1, on the inlet and outlet of ventilation assembly appropriate muffler.
2 set vibration base, ventilation equipment, inlet and outlet hose connection.
3, do sound insulation with ventilation equipment. Such as sound insulation cover equipment ventilation equipment; In ventilation equipment casing lining materials are only; Set the ventilation
in the specialized indoor ventilation equipment, and set the soundproof door, sound insulation window or set other acoustic facilities, or setting up office in ventilation equipment room and so on.
4, ventilation equipment room sound measures of inlet and exhaust passage.
5, the ventilation equipment layout in a quiet room away from the requirement.

lower ventilation equipment noise source
the reasonable choice of ventilation equipment models. In noise control occasions with higher requirements, should choose low noise ventilation equipment. With the consent of the different types of ventilation equipment in air volume, air pressure, the wing type blades of centrifugal ventilation noise, prior to version blade centrifugal ventilators large noise.

the working point of ventilation equipment should be close to the highest efficiency point. The same type of ventilation efficiency is higher, the less noise. To keep ventilation equipment operation points in the efficient area of the ventilation, avoid using valve which can adjust the working condition.

as must be in the set of ventilation pressure end valves, its setting is the best location of ventilation outlet of 1 m. It can lower the noise below 2000 hz. At the entrance of ventilation air flow uniform shall be maintained.

under the condition of can properly reduce the speed of ventilation equipment. The rotation of the ventilation noise and impeller rotational speed proportional to 10 times, circumferential vortex noise and impeller speed power 6 ( 5 or square) In proportion. Therefore reduce speed can reduce the noise.

the noise level is at the inlet and outlet of the ventilation ventilation, wind pressure increases. Therefore, the design of ventilation system, should try to reduce the pressure loss of the system. When the amount of ventilation system and the pressure loss is bigger, it can be divided into small system.

the airflow velocity in the pipe is unfavorable and exorbitant, lest cause regeneration noise. Woodworking machinery airflow velocity determine the pipe should be selected according to different requirement according to relevant regulations.

note ventilation device and the drive of the motor. Using direct coupling transmission noise minimum ventilation, coupling times, with no seams of triangle belt transmission is a bit poor. Ventilation equipment should be motor with low noise.
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