Woodworking machinery industry consolidation

by:Gewinn     2020-09-29

in the integration of the era at present, in the industry and industry, between enterprises and between enterprises, and even woodworking machinery enterprise, various forms, various kinds of strategic integration and linkage is everywhere. The concept of integration, gradually from high ideals to fall to the ground. While under the influence of the environment and promote, woodworking machinery industry an increasingly rapid pace of consolidation and integration of action and the effect is becoming more and more obvious.

in this consolidation, the channels of abundant funds, powerful technology, solid woodworking machinery enterprise get more and more effective resources, industry will continue to gather, form industrial scale, and for the lack of funding, lack of technical innovation, lack of quality control and industrial chain integration ability of small and medium-sized enterprises, would no doubt be eliminated in the consolidation drive.

with the development of woodworking machinery industry gradually return to rational, entry barriers will also gradually formed, consolidation in the tide will show & other; Matthew effect & throughout; , Evergrande, the stronger the strong, only in resource, capital led technology driven enterprise and innovation applied to become woodworking machinery market competition & other The king & throughout; 。

change enterprise development strategy
and, indeed, in the industry matures and deepen the process of development, enterprise development strategy is when to turn. To tell the truth, in the past a lot of woodworking machinery enterprise basic no strategy, even if have also is very rough, is mostly copied blindly follow suit, promotes the so-called new product unceasingly, follow up the so-called marketing.

but, this kind of rough strategy precipitation and integration of woodworking machinery enterprise itself is fatal damage. Although some woodworking machinery enterprise development for a long time, but between products and products, brand and the brand has not formed + & gt; The stack effect. This trapped in homogeneity serious now, competition white-hot stage, played more and more obvious, and this is also the main bottleneck of development of many enterprises.
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