Woodworking machinery industry present situation and trend analysis

by:Gewinn     2020-06-23
Is still in the early development of the enterprise, often the price war as the main marketing way. Part such as jiaonan queen cell town enterprise, distribution density, competition is intense, price competition become the necessary means for orders. Because this model makes enterprise facing great pressure, so the survive infancy, they would quickly turned to the pursuit of quality in the mid-term stage of development of the road of development. At a middle stage of development enterprise, automatically adjust the direction, from low level management pattern, higher quality, refinement and differentiation development way. This kind of enterprise at present occupy the main body in the woodworking machinery industry. Has 30-40 sanding machine equipment production enterprises, in recent years in product differentiation, we intensified the efforts on adjustment on the refinement. Characteristics of some enterprise specializing in the production of small devices, such as special laminating machine, dedicated to handle, the door of the equipment, to establish its position in the market segment. Companies in the mature stage of development, often can go the way of brand development, with characteristic products and high-tech equipment market leading position. Such as pine Thai feats, qian chuan, Witt, such as dynamic, forever strong, HuaShunChang can yet be regarded as a good woodworking machinery manufacturing enterprises, these enterprises have their own special products, brand culture accumulation, product personality is very outstanding. Level, rely on technology is more rely on spirit on the basis of the textile machinery technology and industrial supporting services, through the transformation, the formation of the woodworking machinery industry cluster. Such as jiaonan queen cell town used to be a textile machinery production base and sales center, saw, after transformation to start producing dozens of enterprises is the assembly workshop, accessories and has a small company specialized processing. Saw enterprise too much, because of the similar result in fierce competition, profit is reduced, in 2010, part of the enterprise began to produce edge banding machine, won the new market space. Overall, the woodworking machinery equipment compared to Taiwan, technical level and the machining accuracy were similar, compared with European gap is narrowing. Now many domestic furniture, cabinets and wooden door enterprises have imported German homag and Italian woodworking machinery (SCM company Sanding machine market quotation, sand GuangJiChang dealer list) Products, the purpose is to achieve high processing standards. As more mature products, the quality with foreign product already very pick up close, but the overall level of woodworking machinery manufacturing and can catch up the gap between Europe and the United States is not a decade or two years. In fact, distance with Europe, and the overall level of woodworking machinery in China and the European gap in miniature. This gap is technical, but also spiritual. A boss made an image of the parable: even though the Swiss watches parts all over our assembly, also cannot achieve the precision of Europe. Because we don't have the strict management system and quality monitoring system installation, also lack is rooted in the rigorous national culture on the basis of meticulous professionalism. For woodworking machinery enterprises ( Woodworking machinery enterprise manufacturer daqo) New crisis, also a good opportunity to evolution, achieve market integration. Enterprise must study the European advanced technology and professional dedication, to gradually form a national brand, to fight more market wind and waves.
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